Recycling for a better world

Casavea Eco

The company's primary goal is to maximize the reuse of secondary waste in the production process.

We offer professional services

Waste recycling

The company is constantly looking for new ways to increase the qualitative as well as quantitative aspects of waste use.

Manufacture of fuels and gas oils

Production of fuels and gas oils, which are produced by recovery of plastic waste by the process of thermocatalytic depolymerization of polyolefin, ie by decomposition of long chains of plastic materials into a fluid mixture of saturated hydrocarbons.

Wood chip processing

A by-product of each sawmill operation is wood waste, which is gaining more and more value during the boom of ecological fuels and biomass. Properly processed, sorted and stored wood waste can increase the yield from its resale or. its use in further production.

We build new landfills preferably in places that are ecologically burdened by previous human activities. After filling it, the landfill premises are gradually closed and reclaimed, and the result is a configuration and appearance of the landfill body that fits properly into the surrounding landscape, or is similar to the terrain in which the landscape was often decades ago.